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BVT is the best contractor of Rosneft, based on the results of 2015!

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BVT Company was appreciated by leading national oil and gas production enterprise PJSC «NK Rosneft». CJSC «BashVzryvTechnologii» was recognized as the best contractor of Rosneft, based on the results of 2015, in the following fields: PERFORATING-EXPLOSIVE OPERATIONS and services with the use of COILED TUBING.

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Letters of appreciation and commemorative awards were presented to the company management BVT in II Rosneft Conference «Upstream technologies», from 2016 4 on October 5, 2016

For many years, BVT Company successfully cooperates with the major Russian oil and gas company and contributed to the fulfillment of one of the main tasks of the PJSC «Rosneft» - to keep on successfully introducing new technologies with a view to the continuous improvement of production efficiency.

Due to huge productive experience, innovative potential of its own Research and Development Engineering Centre, aimed by whole team at the achievement of the best results and permanent effective dialogue with clients, BVT successfully develops and inculcates technologies and equipment relevant to actual and perspective tendencies industries and to the certain productive necessities of Customers, renders geophysical services and executes works on the great professional level.

On an exhibition held at the "Upstream technologies" conference,  BVT presented an innovative equipment JSC «БВТ" intended for hi-tech completion of productive layers by the systems of the guided microprocessor-based initiation, systems of successive initiation for multizonal completion and other, which was found interesting by the representatives of leading oil and gas companies.

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