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Peace! Work! May!

The staff of JSC «BVT» and JSC «SVMZ» took part in cultural and mass event dedicated to the Spring and Labor Day! A bright and unforgettable action, the May Day solemn demonstration, passed in the form of a traditional procession through V.V. Kuibyshev square.

Together with representatives of other labor collectives of the city, having built themselves in a single thousands-strong column, more than fifty employees with flags of their companies passed through the square with a multicolored kaleidoscope of banners.

Also on this day, workers the JSC «BVT» factory laborers congratulated their colleagues and employees of other organizations and enterprises on the First of May on Komsomolskaya Square in the city of Chapaevsk.

May Day celebrations, which once again becomes as memorable event for the BVT Company and its employees, a symbol of unity, a desire for peace and harmony, solidarity and friendship!

1 мая 2018
1 мая 2018
1 мая 2018
1 мая 2018

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