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JSC «BVT» awarded the best employees

Award ceremony has been hosted at JSC «SVMZ» platform. It started with meeting of representatives of work collectives, conducted by CEO of factory and delegation of managing personnel of BVT Oil Service Company. The event is associated with 10th anniversary of shaped charges by JSC «BVT» in Chapaevsk city, where shells for such charges are produced.

In their congratulations to the awardees, managers of JSC «BVT» put emphasis on importance of professional skill and competence of a modern employee as a basis of reliable and stable activity of the production enterprise in its field. It was also noted that it is the combination of experience and youth (which is positively visible in the work collective) that allows achieving good results and showing growth of main work indications.

The most distinguished employees were awarded with valuable presents for success in production and significant contribution made into the production development.

In the end of the celebration, JSC «BVT» expressed its sincere gratitude to all employees who decently continue history of the enterprise that is, for over ten years, result-oriented and strives to successful future and new horizons, marching ahead insistently.

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