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The biggest projects


Vankorsk field (Turuhansk district, Krasnoyarsk territory) is one of the biggest projects of BVT and BVT-East since 2011. This one of the most promising oil/gas-condensate fields in East Siberia. The license for its development belongs to CJSC «Vankorneft» under the control of OJSC «Rosneft».

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In order to develop this project effectively and to achieve the best results BVT-East has been buying high-technology equipment and devices, as well as a complete set for the powerful CT fleets, which have all the necessary equipment for all kinds of well work. 

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Building of BVT’s service base started in September 2011. In December 2011 –January 2012 all technical equipment was conscripted in order to develop «Vankor» project and two projects with CJSC «Vankorneft».

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Vankorsk field is characterized by harsh weather and geotechnical conditions: an extreme continental climate, permafrost, marshy floodland, severe hydrographical and geocryological conditions. There is no regular road system in the field and the surrounding area.

Krasnoyarsk branch of BVT is successful in putting over this project, in particular carrying out such operations as: 

  • hydrate thawing;
  • borehole and bottomhole cleaning;
  • nitrogen well development with the help of CT;
  • bottom hole treatment and oil well stimulation;
  • horizontal well logging technology;
  • well cleanout after formation hydraulic fracturing;
  • engineering services;
  • logging investigations with CT;
  • fishing job with CT;
  • tripping of self-contained investigation equipment;
  • miling services;
  • operations with Multi-Stage Fracturing packaging arrangements.

Moreover, the company is planning to introduce the following services with CT:

  • video monitoring of borehole and bottom hole condition;
  • placing of cement plugs;
  • drilling –off and removal of bridge plugs;
  • packer setting, valve seating and etc;
  • chemical treatment of the hole-bottom region;
  • perforating explosive operations with CT.

BVT carries out geophysical research in Vankorsk field together with the company Schlumberger and is planning to set the packer system Coliaflate. The company is also planning to seat valves in wells FPM together with Weatherford.

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In 2012 BTV signed a triennial contract to carry out CT services in Vankorsk field. In the 18 months time the company has completed about 195 well operations in more than 100 wells of Vankorsk field.

Yurubcheno-Tahomsk field

Krasnoyarsk branch of BVT conducts operational procedures in one of the biggest gas-condensate fields in Russia, Yurubcheno-Tohomsk field (Krasnoyarsk territory, Evenkiysk municipal district). The first well logging was carried out by geophysical subpision of BVT on March 14, 2013, in well №543, well cluster 6.

пейзаж возле юрубченского месторождения.JPG

This field is characterized by harsh climate conditions: an extreme continental band of Far North; the average annual temperature is – 6.4 °С, the annual variation of monthly temperature has its maximum in July (+16.7°С) and minimum in January (- 30.5°С). The average annual precipitation is 400mm. The highest wind velocity is 20 m/s. Formation of snow cover is in the middle of October, loss of snow cover – in the middle of May. Thickness of snow cover is 40-60 cm. The terrain relief in the area of the drilling site is hilly-ridged.


Specialists of Krasnoyarsk Branch carry out logging investigations, field geophysical tests, assessment of quality of boring casing cementing.

Magis -2 complex is used for logging investigations in the vertical and inclined well sections with the deviation angle of more than 45° (methods: gamma ray, neutron logging, caliper log, magnetic collar locator, sonic waveform logging, density gamma-gamma logging, deviation survey). AMC «Horizon» is used for logging investigations in inclined well sections with the angle of more than 45° and in horizontal sections (methods: gamma ray, neutron logging, deviation survey, inductive electro-magnetic logging (multiplesonde), density gamma-gamma logging, caliper log, natural gamma-ray log, sonic waveform logging. All operations are carried out in one TFF)


A combination logging tool AGAT-42-STV-6 is used for field geophysical tests. This tool includes:

  • 6 scanning oil cut meters;
  • 6 scanning temperature logs;
  • 2 position probes;
  • 2 mechanic flow indicators;
  • 2 axial-flow temperature logs;
  • induction axial-flow resistivity meter;
  • gamma-ray log;
  • casing collar locator.

A self-contained AMC-2000-SKU is used to assess the cementing quality of production casing (deviation angle up to 85°). Recording of gamma-ray logging, MCL, Downhole GR-Density Fault Detector, cement bond log is done in one trip.

We use swabbing borehole equipment MKS45.3 to do the well clean-up.


«BVT» has bought a non-self-propelled logging truck hoist with electrical drive for wireline well services in exploratory wells of Yurubcheno-Tohomsk field. This logging truck hoist is made for helicopter transportations which allows to bring it to the place without dismantling and in one trip by MI-8 MTV. Thus, it is possible to mobilize the equipment in a very short time and with little expenditure.

«BVT» has carried out 6 logging operations in UTF, the product has been delivered to the customer, the service quality got a high score. In the nearest time the company, together with Schlumberger, will conduct logging operations under the production casing and in the horizontal production liner.