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Coiled tubing operations

JSC «BVT-Vostok» offers all kinds of high-tech and cost effective coiled tubing operations. CT operations are used in logging investigations, well logging and perforation, formation hydraulic fracturing, well development and etc. 

JSC «BVT-Vostok» offers the following CT services:

  • hydrate thawing;       
  • borehole and bottomhole cleaning; 
  • nitrogen well development with the help of CT; 
  • bottom hole treatment and oil well stimulation; 
  • well cleanout after formation hydraulic fracturing; 
  • horizontal well logging technology; 
  • engineering services; 
  • logging investigations with CT; 
  • perforating explosive operations with CT; 
  • fishing job with CT; 
  • tripping of self-contained investigation equipment; 
  • miling services

JSC «BVT-Vostok» aims at constant increase of coiled tubing power and range of services with CT.

Machinery and equipment of CT JSC «BVT-Vostok fleet

  • CT operational unit;
  • Additional reel (5700m);
  • CT joints (44,45mm) and CT joints with logging cable;
  • Pump assembly with liquid heating function;
  • Nitrogen unit;
  • Tank farm (work vessel 50m3, reverse vessel 40m3 with liquid degasser, nitrogen trucks with capacity of 16 and 19 tons, nitrogen storage vessels with capacity of 65 tons);
  • Steam units, UEH-400 (unified engine heater), front loader; 
  • Road tanker, oiler, crew bus, mobile crane Grove 50 tons;
  • Office trailer with satellite communications system.

Design, analysis and estimations are carried out by highly qualified specialists in license programs «Cerberus» and «ORION».

These programs are used for exact calculations of CT unit trip to the bottom hole, for making pipe design and for taking into consideration compensated dual spacing neutron log.

Drilling fluids for borehole cleaning and particulates disposal:

  • Water/salting liquid;
  • Oil/diesel oil;
  • Azoted fluid;
  • Polymer combinations.

For hole-bottom region and bottom hole treatment:

  • Acid combinations (thickened, inhibited);
  • Anti-slurry additives;
  • Solvents;
  • SAS, corrosion inhibitors, ferrum stabilizers.

Reliable and effective water jet tools are chosen as an ultimate solution to cleaning and horizontal section trip problems

Transportation of geophysical tools in horizontal well sections is carried out by means of CT with a typical size of 44 mm, a seven-conductor cable and a cable head. These operations are performed without any loss of signal from coupling head to CT reel and onwards to control station.

To eliminate the cases when the tools or coiled tubing units can’t reach the bottom-hole or the necessary interval in horizontal well sections the company’s engineer team together with the CT producer do the structural tailoring of coiled tubing units.

The company uses CT units with a variable tube wall thickness produced by Tenaris and Global Tubing, and thus can handle:

  • CT reaching the necessary depth without choking;
  • TFF quality maximizing.

The heaviest and the hardest pipe joint is used in a tangent section. The lightest pipe joint is used in a horizontal section.

At present time the company has a sufficient amount of tools, complexes and equipment for carrying out all kinds of operations 

  • rotary and static wash nozzles, a water jet tool for the bottom hole cleaning;
  • junk catcher (fishing complexes, overshots, magnets, impression tools, deflecting devices, etc.);
  • lead impression blocks, percussion tools, centralizers, etc. (for blind plugs removal);
  • surface pressure readout units and temperature sensors with the possibility of liquid flow for bottom hole pressure measurement in recording mode;
  • bottomhole motors of different size, head skid and the necessary miling tools for successful miling operations;
  • injectors CSI-80 produced by Coil Solution for difficult operations and pipes of large diameter;
  • liquid nitrogen unit producing 5 tons per 24 hours (setting-up is carried out by engineers of JSC BVT) for field development and other operations with nitrogen.

For operations carried out in a free-running mode or without liquid nitrogen supply logistics the company has bought some membrane nitrogen compressors by LMF.